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Fine Arts

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Art & Design

Focus on more than 10 areas - including everything from fibers and photography to mixed media and metalsmithing - in the region's largest and most complete art and design department.

Students with instruments

Share your love for music with the world at UND's immersive music program. Whether you want to become a music teacher, performer, or are just driven to earn a liberal arts education with an emphasis on music, there's a degree program for you.

Theatre students acting
Theatre Arts

Open your world to creative opportunities. From lighting design to acting, you'll explore every area of theater production while preparing for a career on - or behind - the stage.


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Learn how language and literature reflect and shape our world while polishing your critical and creative thinking. Strong writing and communication skills are valued across all areas of employment.

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History and American Indian Studies

Studying history provides crucial insights into who we are and our origins. You'll be prepared to answer big questions, conduct research, and explain the past in ways that are meaningful to the present. With American Indian Studies, you'll explore a variety of American Indian perspectives and cultures, histories, and contemporary experiences.

Language and literatures student in class
Languages & Literatures

Whether you earn a degree in International Studies or learn about the modern and classical languages and literatures, you'll prepare yourself to engage in our increasingly multilingual and culturally diverse global community.

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Philosophy & Religious Studies

Explore the world's deep-held traditions and the fundamental human questions related to subjects such as the meaning of life, the ability to live ethically, and the human quest for the sacred.

Math & Science

Biology students outside studying

Play a major role in impacting the future of medicine, agriculture, genetic engineering, forensic science, and the evolution of ecology. Conduct hands-on research as you refine your critical thinking, quantitative reasoning, and both written and verbal communication.

Teaching chemistry

Study the building blocks of the universe as you prepare for an exciting career in scientific discovery. Almost every cutting-edge technology relies on the understanding of chemical principles. 

Student in math MALL

Study the abstract world of mathematics for for the beauty of the ideas and the power of the logical thinking skills you'll develop. Besides its role in understanding phenomena in science and engineering, a math degree can be a career gateway to data science or machine learning.

Using technology in learning
Physics & Astrophysics

Get one-on-one attention as you specialize in general physics, applied physics, astrophysics, computers in physics, or materials science. Our professors have a strong commitment to research, giving you real-world experience that gets noticed.

Social Sciences

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Explore what it means to be human in the past, present and future.

Communication students on laptop

Whether you want a career in writing, advertising, public relations, or just about anything else, you'll learn teamwork, excellent oral and written communication, and the analytical skills all employers want.

Hands on learning with children
Communication Sciences & Disorders

Gain practical experience by working with clients in our speech-language and hearing clinic and prepare for graduate study, which you'll need to work as a speech-language pathologist or audiologist.

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Criminal Justice

A major in Criminal Justices Studies at UND prepares you to serve as an agent of change in our justice system. From enforcing the law to protecting your community, or advocating on behalf of victims, this degree opens the door to a world of opportunities.

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Geography & GIS

Choose from one of three concentrations: community and urban development, environmental geography, and geography education. Or, with Environmental Studies, you'll lean how to communicate effectively about environmental issues and how to make connections between the environment and policy. 

Psychology student with textbook

Human behavior is an endless source of fascination. Study the intricacies of the human mind, exploring why people behave the way they do and learning how to evaluate and address a variety of psychological issues.

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Dig deep into various human constructs such as our legal and educational systems, the economy, environment, families, and even social networks. Graduates go on to careers in law, criminal justice, business, social work, health and human services, and public administration.

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