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Red River Women's Studies Conference

About the Conference

Red River Women's Studies Conference celebrates its thirteenth anniversary with a theme of R/EVOLUTION: Creating Women and Gender Studies. This interdisciplinary conference will examine and celebrate the creation and evolution of the fields of Women's Studies, Gender Studies, and Queer Studies, as well as the changing roles of women and men in society.


Registration Poster Brochures guest speakers  Kathy and President Kelly President Kelley introducing guest speaker Dr. Adeyinka A. Bruce Omotunde presenting Crowd listening to Dr. Adeyinka A. Bruce Omotunde Identity and Memory Abotion, Sex Education, and Domestic Violence Feminist Texts and Writers Gender in the Classroom LGBT Brainstorm R/Evolution Presentation Debby Storrs introducing guest speaker Cristina Alcalde Crowd Women in Vistual Arts Midevil Women Gender in Media Women in Science Managing Work and Family Anna Turcotte Women's Center Table at The RRWSC 3rd wave Creating Women and Gender Studies table at the RRWSC Women's Rights Table at The RRWSC



Invited Speakers

 Photo of Dr. Cristina Alcalde

Dr. Cristina Alcalde

Associate Professor of Gender and Women's Studies
University of Kentucky

Keynote address title:

"Negotiating Gendered and Racialized Identities Across Borders"



Photo of Dr. Adeyinka Bruce

Dr. Adeyinka A. Bruce Omotunde

Independent Scholar specializing in Women and Gender Studies, Comparative Politics, African Politics and International Relations.

Invited lecture title:

"Gender and Power Politics"



anna turcotte


Anna Astvatsaturian Turcotte

Author of "Nowhere, a Story of Exile," based on the childhood diaries she kept as a refugee from Baku, Azerbaijan.

Invited Author Book title

"Nowhere a Story of Exile"



Additional Information

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