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1990 NAGPRA (amended)

1992 GAO Fractionation Report

1999 Minnesota v Mille Lacs

2001 Public Law 280

2003 Civil Rights Commission Report on Native Sentencing

2004 Census Report, American Indian Communities

2004 Bonnichsen v United States

2004 The Status of Women in the United States

2004 United States v Lara

2005 Cherokee v Delaware

2005 City of Sherill v Oneida Indian Nation

2005 Cobell Memorandum and Opinion

2005 Cobell Remand and Injunction

2005 Lewis v Norton

2005 Means v Navajo Nation

2005 Senate Joint Resolution 15

2005 Senate Joint Resolution 15 Report

2006 Gonzales v UDV

2006 Report: Homelessness on Northern Minnesota Indian Reservations

2006 South Dakota Equal Justice Commission; Final Report and Recommendations

2006 Letter offering Settling Cobell

2006 Hearing: Tribal Self-Governance

2007 House Joint Resolution 3

2007 John Sinclair Testimony; Little Shell Tribe of Chippewa Indians of Montana

2007 Report: Maze of Injustice

2007 Navajo Nation v US Forest Service

2007 Report: PL 280 and Sexual Assault

2007 Report: Urban Indians and Health

2008 Navajo Nation v US Forest Service Reversal

2008 Cobell v Kempthorne

2008 Cobell v Kempthorne Compensation

2008 Comanche Nation v United States

2008 GAO Report; IHS Mismanagement

2008 Memorandum of Agreement Delaware and Cherokee Nations

2008 Plains Commerce Bank v Long

2008 Report: Urban Indian America

2008 US v Lowry

2009 Carcieri v Salazar

2009 Cobell Settlement Agreement

2009 Elouise Cobell Testimony

2009 Different Horse v Salazar

2009 Indian Health Care Improvement Act with amendments (enacted 2010)

2009 Lavetta Elk v United States

2009 Tribal Consultation Memo

2009 Report: Shattered Hearts











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