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  • Make It Stick

    screen capture from Peter Brown video

    Author Peter C. Brown talks about innovative study techniques and research on learning theory as highlighted in his book "Make It Stick"

  • Bird's Eye View

    The team preparing for take off

    A group led by biologists from UND conducted a survey of wildlife and vegetation in Northern Manitoba using unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) technology.

  • A Coffee for the College with Corey

    Corey Mock with statue

    A little can go a long way, and for two UND alumni, giving up a little can give a lot back to the College of Arts & Sciences.

  • Innovative Pedagogy

    zerr and carmichel reviewing data

    Ryan Zerr and Tami Carmichael will lead an innovative curriculum program this fall.

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  • Feature 2
  • Feature 3
  • Feature 4
Last Modified 11/18/15